Monday, March 10, 2008

March 10th, 2008 - We LOVE Gingerbread!

Todays lunch was inspired by nothing more than a burning desire for fresh, warm gingerbread. We're working on finding the tastiest gluten-free gingerbread, and today's muffins were made using the recipe found in Gluten-Free 101, by Dr. Carol Fenster. They were very rich & full of spice, but just a bit "airy" for our tastes. I suppose that means we'll have to try again!

Lunch was a warm from the oven heart-shaped gingerbread muffin with lemon sauce, (we poke holes in our muffins to let the lemon seep in... our favorite trick!) To go with it was a small serving of sunflower seeds, a cup of yogurt, and some of the largest juiciest strawberries I've seen in awhile!

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