Monday, August 4, 2008

August 4th - What Mama Eats

Often when people hear that I am gluten free AND a lactose-sensitive vegetarian, they ask me "Well, what on earth CAN you eat?" My answers vary depending on my mood & how the question is asked, but the simple answer is that my meals are actually quite varied, colorful, and healthy.

Today for example, as I "prepared" lunch for the kids this is what I made for myself. Yes, in essence I created three different lunches, but it took me less than 5 minutes to have them ALL ready to go. And even on a day when I am actually baking, it is easy to pull a small portion of whatever we are having just before adding the meat and/or cheese for myself so it isn't nearly as hard as it sounds to make sure that we all have what we like, and what we can safely eat.

My lunch today is a handful each of carrots & grape tomatoes. Normally I would have these with a nice dollop of hummus to use as "dip" and to act as my protein, but I ran out last week, so I'm splurging on two pepper-jack cheese sticks cut into nibble-sized blocks. Alongside this I have a serving of Flat Earth Chips, and some red & green grapes. Isn't that a pretty lunch? And I'm not "missing out" on ANYTHING!

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