Thursday, April 8, 2010

reinventing our food-blog

After nearly two years of neglect, we are reinventing this blog. No longer are we "Not-Quite Bento" as our first REAL bento boxes have arrived! So after several years of using divided plates, saving ideas & wishing we could carry our food in cute containers, we are venturing into the realm of bento boxes. And oh, are we excited!

Our first purchases included three bento boxes, two hard-boiled egg molds, two rice molds... and a package of nori wraps from the grocery store. We have dozens of other goodies on our "wish list" but for now we're just excited about making beautiful lunches in the cutest containers ever.

All of our posts have been & will be gluten-free. Most days we also eat vegetarian as mama doesn't eat meat, and we also watch our dairy as there is a dairy sensitivity. This will mainly remain a lunchtime blog, however I also do the occasional "new GF food" blog and also like to share creative recipes. I am not a professional photographer so sometimes the food-pics don't turn out as well as I would like. Please bear with me, I'm still learning. This is mainly a place for us to compile & review our food adventures but we've made it on a public site just in case someone else might find it helpful as well. For all of us dealing with multiple allergies, I don't think there CAN be too many food blogs or new ideas.

For the few people I know follow my other blog - I am officially splitting things up, so this blog is where all of my food photos reviews will be from now on. We'll see how long I can manage to maintain TWO blogs! Heh.


Lisa said...

Where did you purchase the oh-so-cute bento boxes and molds? Must have!

homeschoolmama said...

Lisa - I found them on Ebay! The Snoopy one came from Hong Kong & the other two were shipped from Japan so they took awhile to get there, but are definitely worth it!