Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Little Skinny Greek Lunch

I have to confess, today's lunch comes from a failed dinner experiment. We love to try new foods, and one of our favorite nationalities of late has been Greek. There's just something about tangy olives, feta cheese & fresh cucumbers that we all love to sink our teeth into.

One food we keep trying to recreate is spanakopita. It's a spinach & feta cheese pie, and traditionally it should be made with phyllo dough. We have tried making it in deep-fried & then baked springroll wrappers, and now our latest attempt was to tuck the filling between a Greek yogurt-flavored cornbread. And I am the ONLY one who even kind of enjoyed this, (the collective response from everyone else was "this tastes fishy!") so it's up to Mama to finish the leftovers.

So for Mama, today's lunch will be a serving of the not-so-popular spanakopita-wannabe dish, three of our favorite gluten free mini-pitas with a small dollop of tzatziki sauce (a yogurt & cucumber dressing) to be added last-minute, a scoop of horiatiki, (tomato-cucumber salad) and a handful of red grapes to fill in the empty spaces & round things out. The kids will be substituting turkey & cheese wrap sandwiches for the "fishy" dish, while happily helping me with the more palatable leftovers... which are all tried-and-true favorites from our growing recipe collection and will probably make quite a few returns to our bentos during the coming warm months.

Once again, it seems that the motto for today is "ONE new dish per meal!" I was tempted to break this family rule last night as I had found three fun new Greek dishes to try... but had I done so, I could be in serious leftover-trouble today. Yep, the rule stays!

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