Sunday, August 22, 2010

Garden Goodies

I never really know what to do with our garden produce, when it first starts appearing... one tiny pepper, and one adorable little cucumber at a time. I can tell that NEXT week we will be positively buried in tomatoes & peppers, but two days ago we had three tiny tomatoes, an itty bitty pepper, ONE of our cucumbers, and an entire serving-bowl of beans mature.

Todays lunch is inspired by our garden... and is showing the kids exactly how much better the garden-veggies truly are. In the pink bowl are our purple-podded pole beans. On the plate is 1/4 of our pretty chocolate pepper, 1/4 of our "dragon's egg" cucumber, and one of our own tomatoes. To augment these goodies we paired them with extra tomatoes, extra cucumber, wedges of cheese, a few kalamata olives, and my favorite vegan gluten-free mini-pita recipe. The dressing is an organic Greek-olive dressing that was a perfect companion to a nice, hot-afternoon lunch.

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