Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Oddly Balanced

I am working right now, on jump-starting my weight loss efforts. Which means that for the next month or so I will actually be tracking calories & key nutritional information. I don't do this often, but since it's been a year since I last tracked my meals it's definitely time to see how I'm doing. My next few food-blogs will include nutritional information as I work on brushing up on balancing diet-friendly meals.

One thing I learned years ago was that foods don't need to make sense together, to be perfect companions. Todays lunch is an example of foods that balance each other. I have half a red grapefruit, two tablespoons of raw honey, and two full-fat Babybel minis with my giant cup of Irish Breakfast tea. (The kids have additional calories, this is Mama's weight-loss lunch.) While it may look like a random selection, it's actually quite balanced. More than that, it TASTES great together! The honey gives me carbs & sugar for energy, the cheese has fat & proteins for that "fullness" sensation, and the grapefruit rounds it out with plenty of fresh flavor as well as my vitamins A, C & a little fiber. This isn't an everyday lunch, but when I'm craving a nice soft rich cheese which would otherwise be too rich for my tummy AND too high-calorie to justify, this is an excellent way to balance a rare treat.

Edit: After counting up my calories for the entire day, I came up short in protein & overall carbohydrates. To complete my day, I added a full cup of fresh soybeans to lunch. My nutritional totals for the day look like this:

Calories: 1410 (goal: 1400-1700)
Fat: 55g (goal: 38-66g)
Carbohydrates: 208g (goal: 191-276g)
Protein: 57g (goal: 60-149)
Calcium: 127g (goal: 100-150g)

Not bad for a first-day tracking!

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